I am Mbuyu Bilga

Name: Mbuyu Bilga Omari

Profile: Network Engineer

Email: bilgambuyu@gmail.com

Phone: +256 709 335 438


HTML 85%
CSS3 75%
PHP 50%
Python 70%
Powershell 65%
About me

I have a high school diploma in Business and Administration, and currently in my final year of a Baccalaureate in Information Technology.

Passionate about technologies, I have an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, Microsoft Identity, Aviatrix Certified Engineer - Multi-Cloud Network Associate, Google Technical Support Fundamentals Certificate, Information System Auditing, Controls, and Insurance by The Hongkong University of Science and Technology, and several other certifications related to the IT field.

Currently, I am actively training for obtaining the CCNA certification which will be a big win for my entire career, I am also preparing to take several certification exams in the coming days.

Regarding my professional experience, I had the opportunity to do internships at UCBC, and Airtel as Information Technology Intern. In my current life, I work as Chief Technology Officer at AJED-Plan├Ęte, and Mobilizer and Core Team Member within the GDSC of my university.

It's almost all about me!


Here are some of the projects that I have already done and others that I am currently working on.

File Integrity Monitor

Cyber Security / 18 Sep. 2018

Network Analizer / Sniffer

Cyber Security / 18 Sep. 2018


Cyber Security / 18 Sep. 2018

Phishing Detector

Cyber Security / 18 Sep. 2018


Cyber Security / 18 Sep. 2018


Cyber Security / 18 Sep. 2017